We're Gonna Stay Friends

AJ & Jasen try to maintain their best-friendship.

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19th | This Friendship Thing

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18th | Friendship threeway (with Tugboat)

18th | …and I look like a guy who doesn’t know his alphabet, so it’s really, sellable.

17th | Friend of a Friend (with Trev)

17th | "I feel like I've completely failed this sandwich exercise"

16th | WAGTSF

Episode 16 | Sarcasm. I live and hide behind it

15th | We Are Going to Go Ahead and Stay Friends

15th Episode: Tons of guys have been trying to buy this helmet, but they’re all sketch balls.

14th | Written Title on Friendship

14th | You were like drowning in the Ocean, but your arms were also by your side you were like, ‘I’m not going to do anything about this’

11th | Friends Friends Friends

Episode 11 "I don’t own anything from 2006 except maybe some teeth."

10th | Doing this Friendship thing

10th Episode | What do quarterbacks wear on their butts?

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This podcast is not important; To you, anyways. It's not complex either. I, and co-host/best-friend, AJ, talk in front of mics to essentially schedule a time to hang--which in theory can't be usurped by other responsibilities 'cause it's an official thing that's recorded at regular intervals. We discovered the microphones can bring out a unique authenticity (on good days). That has become the Short Term Goal: To consistently own my actions in the raw and honest way, even if it's not comfy. I'm trying to be at ease with all my dumb stuff and maybe even find the humor. Some days are better than others. The Long Term Goal: an enduring friendship that continues to grow because of time spent telling each other stories and saying dumb things, but we'll see how that pans out. These recordings are your invitation, dearest listener, into the thick of it. ––Jasen

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