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  • Genres: Business
  • Creator: Stacey Burke & Megan Hargroder-Graham

Are you a lawyer wondering what to do on LinkedIn?

Listen to Stacey Burke and Megan Hargroder-Graham on the free monthly podcast, “Legally LinkedIn” to learn how best to use LinkedIn as a lawyer.

LinkedIn is unique in the social media world because it has a very specific user base of educated and affluent people already in a professional setting actively looking for information.

LinkedIn officially crossed the half-billion user mark in 2017. Up to 610 million as of February 2019. 146 million of them in US. Over 100 million professionals are actively using LinkedIn daily. Two professionals join LinkedIn every second 50 percent of Americans with a college degree use LinkedIn

Every single week, content in the LinkedIn feed is seen 9 billion times. That’s about 36 billion impressions per month and 468 billion per year. The opportunity to be seen most definitely exists if you share content consistently.

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