Local Heroes Podcast

This unique podcast dives into the world of local artisans & creatives from around the globe

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Local Heroes Podcast - Uncle Toby - Podcast 10

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Local Heroes Podcast - Adam Baldwin - Podcast 8

Adam Baldwin makes surfboards out of trash

Local heroes Podcast - Dr. Abraham Flores - Podcast 7

While in Mexico City Benny chats with Dr. Abraham Flores about plant medicines

Local Heroes Podcast - INDECLINE - Podcast 6

Benny sits down with Mr. Squiggle from the activist art collective Indecline

Local Heroes - Mr. Tone Chingon - Podcast 4

Owner of World Famous Americana Tattoo

Local Heroes - Tom Wegener - Podcast 3

Benny sits down with surfboard Artisan Tom Wegener

Local Heroes - Steve Hann - Podcast 1

Steve Hann From ETC Surfboards

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Local Heroes Podcast is Hosted by Benny Mckay a Custom Surfboard Builder from Queensland Australia. This unique podcast dives into the world of local artisans, creatives and folks that are going against the grain of the daily grind and doing whatever it is they're passionate about. Guests include and are not limited to Surfboard builders, tattoers, brewers, musicians, skaters and anyone that has a good story to tell.

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