Mage The Hero Described

Reviewing Mage The Hero Denied, and discussing all things Mage related.

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20 | Matt Wagner - The Mage Trilogy Interview

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16 | Iss. 12 Review, Mage Hero Denied

An Accident, A Scheme, An Escape.

11 | Iss. 7 Review, Mage Hero Denied

This episode includes a recap and review of Issue #7 of Mage, discusses reviews of the issue, the letter column, and a grab-bag of random insights and questions. Visit the official podcast site at

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  • Creator: Kevin B Hawkins

A podcast about Matt Wagner's Mage including The Hero Discovered, The Hero Defined, and The Hero Denied. Currently reviewing Mage 3 The Hero Denied and discussing all things Mage related.

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