Morocco PCV Podcast (Staj 98)

The unofficial podcast of Staj 98 Peace Corps volunteers serving in Morocco

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22: Mathew

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21: Maria

Interview with Maria

20: Katie

Interview with Katie

19: Collins

Interview with Collins

18: Paw

Interview with Paw

17: Karl

Interview with Karl

16: Caitlyn

Interview with Caitlyn

15: GS

Interview with GS

14: Kate

Interview with Kate

13: Kevin

Interview with Kevin

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A weekly podcast featuring short interviews with Peace Corps volunteers serving in Morocco. This is an informal and unofficial way to get to know our fellow PCVs better, to hear us share our stories, and to give us an additional opportunity to connect with one another through our service. Disclaimer: The content of this podcast is mine alone and does not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S. Government, the Peace Corps, or the Moroccan Government.

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