Nobody Asked For This

But we did it anyways. A music podcast. Just for us.

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List Envy Commentary 1, An Emotional Reaction

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Lights - Skin & Earth

Track by track first impressions and review

Top 5 Albums of 2017

Recorded November 26, 2017


We talk about how far off the reservation Tom DeLonge has gone.

Rape Culture

A discussion of what to do with the monsters in power. Recorded November 26, 2017.

Cover Challenge Update, No Cover Yet...

An update on the status of our cover challenges. For this being the whole hook of the show, we sure are bad at doing it.

What We're Listening to (Back in August)

Goldfinger, Kesha, Brand New, Showoff, Name Taken, Paramore

Name Taken Retrospective

A look back at our history with the peerless Name Taken.

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NAFT is a podcast about music. Hosts Aaron Wong (Los Angeles cliché) and Brendan Hutchins (Podcaster and Remodeler) listen to albums and dissect them track-by-track, banter about songs, new and old, but mostly pop-punk, and female vocalist electropop.

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