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Humans living on the streets, Traffic, and Health are not political issues

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Ditching the antiquated two party system and running under no political party; Kevin will focus the energy of City Hall on the Humans living on Our streets, Traffic, and the Health of Angelinos. “Why are we drawing opposing lines in the sand before we can even have a sensible discussion?” Kevin asked. Working together to solve the problems of Los Angeles is Kevin’s only priority.

Kevin Dalton will be accepting ZERO contributions for the campaign. Billions of dollars are spent every campaign cycle. The money is either wasted on TV ads, signs, and bumper stickers or traded for favors to be named later. Kevin will never be beholden to anyone but the people of Los Angeles. While the election itself is four years away; Kevin is beginning work immediately. Kevin hopes to drive public opinion to force the current administration into some sort of action. Los Angeles cannot afford to have City Hall sleep on the job any longer.

“In a world of partisan politics and mob mentality I want to be a beacon of nuance and common sense. “

“No Politics. Just Solutions”

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