Oklahoma, WTF!!

Let's talk about the Oklahoma they want you to forget. News, Social, Crime.

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Oklahoma, WTF!!

Podcast Hosted By: Daniel "BigDpoet" Cerny

We take the time to discuss all of the issues facing Oklahomans just like you! Whether we talk about religion, politics, business, sports or even philosophy; prepare for a lively discussion!

5 Rules for Maintaining a Respectful Debate

  1. No personal attacks. Attack the points, not the person.

  2. Listening is an active skill, shutup and listen.

  3. Move the discussion forward, if you don't move it forward you are wasting everyone's time.

  4. Some people need special attention, whether due to confusion or ignorance, patience is a virtue and sometimes you just will not "get it".

  5. I will use colorful language, get over it.

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