We look at ordinary life from a psychological prospective

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Its time to get brained! Feed your brain, by exploring the mind. Check out “BRAIN.ED”, our new podcast that looks at ordinary life from a psychological perspective. Co-hosted by a professional psychologist and inquiring artist, “BRAIN.ED” explores how the mind works as it encounters topics such as technology, sex, pop-culture, art, food.

In our first season, we have planned: -interactive surveys and experiments to help understand why we make the decisions we do; -interviews with counselors, coaches, and behavioral experts to see how the experts are putting current understanding of behavior and psychology to work to help others; -self-challenges for both ourselves and listeners, so we can benefit from our knowledge and push past our own boundaries; -and more (well, some of this we will make up as we go, but that’s part of the fun)!

Brained: join us for a mind’s eye view of the world.

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