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Podcast Playl.ist is A Podcast About Podcasts and which to listen to.

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The Adventure Zone 4-1 EarBuds Podcast Collective Collaboration

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EarBuds Podcast Collective collaboration and other news!

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2017 Discover Pods Awards

A roundtable discussion about the best podcasts of 2017.

Special Announcement - Awards 🏆 And Pods! 🎙

DiscoverPods.com Podcast Awards and PodcastAdvocate.Network

News and Politics Wrap Up 2-05

The last few news and politics podcasts that caught my ear.

Crooked Media 2-04 News/Politics

Pod Save America, Pod Save The World, With Friends Like These, Pod Save The People, and Lovett Or Leave It audio review.

Can He Do That? 2-03 News/Politics Podcasts

An audio review of the podcast Can He Do That? by The Washington Post

Intercepted 2-02 News/Politics Podcasts

An audio review of the podcast Intercepted

FiveThirtyEight 2-01 News/Politics Podcasts

An audio review of the FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast

S-Town - S-Team, The S-Town Producers 1-03

A look into the producers and influencers of S-Town.

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This was a podcast recommendation podcast. Podcast Playlist covered one theme each season in a short format, aiming for around 20 minutes, highlighting one podcast per episode that may interest you.

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