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Saturday Night Fever (1977) | John Travolta | John Badham

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They Live (1988) | John Carpenter

Take Philip K. Dick style paranoia, fear of Reaganomics, and one infamously long fight scene -- Now stir.

Vertigo (1958) | Alfred Hitchcock | James Stewart

A Beautiful Remastered Print of the Psychological Thriller. And Sex, Obsession, and Anxiety.

Triple Frontier (2019) | Ben Affleck | Oscar Isaac | Military adventure | Narcoterrorism |

Ocean's 11 meets American Sniper or Heat meets Narcos or Unforgiven meets Sicario

Nightcrawler (2014) | Movie Review | Jake Gyllenhaal | Rene Russo | Dan Gilroy

Jake Gyllenhaal may be a psychopath -- but so are you, news-viewer.

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Two lifelong friends with an eye for film discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly, with a science fiction bent.

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