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Oh God! "Relationships!!!"

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#60 Reproductive Rights and Scranathon feat. Charlotte Ulrich

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#59 The Unending Forest


#58 Spring Flings, Mug Wine, and the Boxer Backside Hole

Got a cookiecutter shark in there as well...

#57 Chapo Tote House

Whoops we got a little political

#56 Packamintjuulpods

Can I get uhhhhh...

#55 A Heartwarming Coming Out Story But Also Heartbreak And Dead Feelings

Welcome to RFTB Airlines, home of long ass titles!

#54 Natural Father

Arthur's got three daddies and they're not long for this world!

#53 We Finally Talk About DDLG (And We Hate It)

Welcome to the sadness factory home of the numb cum

#52 A Whole Ass Year

We made it, folks

#51 Coast to Coast Tote Bag

Movin and breakin! Instead of shakin. Get it?

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Welcome to Radio Free Tote Bag! A weekly relationship advice podcast hosted by Arthur and Donovan.

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