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A podcast from The Resurgence Trust on the themes of ethical living, ecoactivism and the arts

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Making waves: Why we need heroes, with Satish Kumar

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Extinction Rebellion: Forging identities through collective action

We speak to Mothiur Rahman, XR strategist and trained lawyer, about why it's high time for a rebellion

Regeneration of lives and the land in the Cairngorms

We speak to self-described 'circle builder' Laurel Foreman at her organic farm

Football, fracking and staying positive: a chat with Ecotricity founder Dale Vince

Marianne Brown interviews Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity

The ecologist using storytelling to reconnect people with nature

The third in a series of podcasts from The Resurgence Trust

The farmer helping save Britain's last surviving meadows

A new series of podcasts from The Resurgence Trust

Satish Kumar on food

The first in a series of podcasts from The Resurgence Trust

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Positive, informed and original in-depth interviews with leading thinkers and change-makers on the themes of the environment, activism, ethical living, and the arts. A listening experience to savour from The Resurgence Trust. Nourishment for your mind.

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