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At its core, this show is an exploration of modern and contemporary authors using their work to refashion classic stories. Each season will focus on a single artist and their work within one historical literary grouping. This narrow focus will allow the show to explore connections more deeply within the selected author's bibliography as well as give individual works the space they need to breathe. While the focus of the podcast is on the written word, it will not be limited to a single medium within that umbrella. As planned, this show begins with a dramatist. However, further seasons may focus on a different medium, or an artist whose work spans multiple mediums.

The first season of the show will be based on the works of Marina Carr and the influence Ancient Greek drama has had on her plays. It will be split into four episodes, one each for the following plays. Each of these plays utilizes elements of Greek tragedy, and each uses Ireland as a new staging ground for ancient tropes and stories that Carr pulls from. These tropes work and evolve through the texts in different ways and the specific tales she pulls from vary from text to text. Since it is a standalone piece, On Raftery's Hill will serve as a self-contained pilot episode, while the remaining three will cover Carr's Midlands Trilogy.

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