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╫ Is Tithing For Today [PODCAST]

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╫ Why Todd Bentley Fell: When Holiness Gets Left Behind [PODCAST]

We live in a culture addicted to entertainment: From the latest movie to the latest festival, the entertainment industry is now a billion-dollar industry in the world, and much of Christianity has followed suit.

╫ Entering the Wilderness: Seasons of Suffering in God's People [PODCAST]

When Israel leaves Egypt, they rejoice in the freedom from Egypt's slavery but soon thereafter encounters something they didn't truly expect: A wilderness.

╫ God Has Grace on the Humble [PODCAST]

Feeling weak, without hope, without talent and therefore useless for the Kingdom of God?

╫ Waiting on God [PODCAST]

Do you feel like you're waiting in line for God?

╫ We lost our home - Call to Prayer [PODCAST]

I would like to ask for prayer. I and my wife has been without our home for 2 weeks (going on 3) now.

╫ 4 Reasons God Doesn't Heal [PODCAST]

Sometimes we pray, and God doesn't heal.

╫ Where is your treasure? - Idolising Conspiracy Theories & Knowledge [PODCAST]

When I was a teenager, I started reading conspiracy theories, it became a passion.

╫ Honoring God’s Name: More Than Pronunciation [PODCAST]

When I met Christina, she couldn’t pronounce my surname. I was from another culture, another language, and my name was almost impossible for her American tongue to figure out at first.

╫ When Marriage Goes Wrong & What To Do [PODCAST]

Marriage is hard. And sometimes it becomes really hard.

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Rise on Fire is a ministry assigned to ignite a fire of Spirit & Truth around the world. God is calling us back to the walk of Yeshua with no more excuses. We are free from the traditions of men, led by the Truth and empowered by the Spirit.

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