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╫ Counting the Omer of the Holy Spirit [PODCAST]

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╫ Come to the WayWalk Conference next month! [PODCAST]

More information: https://www.waywalk.org

╫ The Character of God: How Do You View God? - Torah Portion: Say [PODCAST]

How do you view God? And do you view Him the same way the disciples did 2000 years ago?

╫ Are They The One? | 13 Confirmations & Red Flags! [PODCAST]

So you think they are "the one", but how do you know?

╫ Be A Burning Living Sacrifice - Torah Portion: After The Death [PODCAST]

Just as how God meticulously instructed Israel specific procedures on how to and where to make their offerings, so God expects us to offer our living offering.

╫ Yeshua & Jesus: Two Different People? [PODCAST]

Some have said Jesus is not the true Messiah sent by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but a character of Roman Catholic Church invention that teaches something different from the true Hebrew Messiah, Yeshua.

╫ Truly Unleavened: Cleansing The Sin You Don't See [PODCAST]

In this teaching, I'll show you how God is after a specific type of sin most this Passover, and it's not the one most obvious.

╫ The #1 Goal of Godly Marriage [PODCAST]

What is the primary goal of marriage? And how do we accomplish the calling of marriage in our marriage?

╫ Passover 2019 - True Examination of the Heart [PODCAST]

Have you ever heard of a strong Christian, who's fire went out? Or even worse, a once 'believer' who fell away completely. Like Judas who dwelled with Jesus: Ate with him, slept with him, arose in the morning to walk through the streets of Jerusalem with Him - yet betrayed Him.

╫ The World Teaches Men To Be Cowards - Don't Be One [PODCAST]

Men, God calls you to be a man. But it looks different from what the world considers a "real man."

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