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Ep. 09 - The Church of the Rift

Fionnuala, Marion, and John gather at the Church of the Rift in the upper district to hear the Arbiter speak. Pelleas and Aims tag along with Taylor as he meets up with an old acquaintance and receives word of a potential mission.

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Rolling on Fate is an actual play Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition podcast. Come join our party as they discover how the strange portals called Rifts impact the continent of Revelhein. You’ll experience intrigue, action and comedy as Amsily, Fionnuala, John, Marion, Pelleas and Taylor travel together and seemingly stir up trouble. There are singing frogs, epic battles and plenty of annoyed NPC’s as they discover the mysteries of the world and get to know each other’s complicated pasts.

This world is completely original and while the gameplay follows D&D rules, there is some homebrew content thrown in too (for funsies)! Welcome to our collaborative story as the adventure begins…

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