Saving Face

An idealist strives for the greater good at a toxic superhero PR firm.

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An idealistic millennial joins the top PR agency for superheroes in New York City. Finding her morality at odds with the toxic spin masters, hapless Supers and even herself, she unwillingly discovers how far she will go for the greater good.


in order of appearance

Sam Spades - Charlotte Rose

Brenda Nguyen - Madeline Dimayuga

Danny Avalon - Maximillian Reid

Linus Wallace & Narrator - Austin Howell

Chester (Phil) Phillip - Kirby Marquez

Preston Waynick - Virgil Shelby

Angie Baltz - Luelle Llorens


Dre Magix

Norman Tran

Bryan Roberts

Grace Woodward

Erik Escobar

Ian Baker

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