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Episode 9 - 3 Keys to Winning NFL Week 2

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Episode 8 - How to Win Your NFL Picks in Week 1

Finding Value and Opportunities in Opening Week

Episode 7 - Debunking an Against-the-Spread Myth

Proving that a Home Team is not Worth Three Points

Episode 6 - How to Handle Losing Weeks

Maintaining the Proper Mindset Through for the Long Haul

Episode 5 - Live-Picking Week 9 of the 2018 NFL Season

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Mario's Decision-Making Process

Episode 4 - Easy Teams Will Lose You Money

It's Dangerous to Always Target the "Easy Teams"

Episode 3 - Never Swap Your Picks

Why Changing Picks Due to Injury is Doomed to Fail

Episode 2 - Don't Believe Division Games

Ignoring the Outcomes of Division Games Leads to Better Clarity

Episode 1 - How to Profit in the Coming Weeks

Using Week 4's NFL Action to Find Future Value

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Sporfolio is the place to build your sports porfolio through playing the odds and finding value wherever possible. Our official podcast aims to look behind the action and discuss what we see on the field and how it can play into our wallet.

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