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The Irish Aristocrat and the Coming of the Flying Saucers

Welcome to the first episode of Strange Ireland! When the flying saucer phenomenon first shook the world in the late 1940s, there was an eccentric Irish aristocrat right at the heart of this strange new topic, helping to shape the movement from its early days. Sit down and have a glass of tipple with us and learn about Desmond Leslie, the early UFO contactee movement and Leslie's friendship with arch-flying saucer guru George Adamski. Get ready to experience a very strange First Contact! Main sources: Desmond Leslie (1991 - 2001) The Biography of an Irish Gentleman, Robert O'Byrne, Lilliput Press, 2010. Flying Saucers Have Landed, Desmond Leslie & George Adamski, London Laurie, 1953. Music Credits: Theme by Kevin Gill

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Cian investigates odd and inexplicable happenings from Ireland's history! Tales of ghosts, aliens, lonely castles, misty moors. Tales of Victorian era spiritualism and irish adventurers in the British Raj! It's all here, so grab a mug of fine ale and sit down by the fire to enjoy STRANGE IRELAND.

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