Swinging Through Spider-Man: A Spider-Man Podcast

Join James & Brad as they comb through the entire Amazing Spider-Man saga one issue at a time, for the very first time!

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Marvel Zombies Return #1 - Halloween Special!

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The Amazing Spider-Man #72 - Shocking Luck

A no-mark Villain shows up to the Stone Tablet Saga

The Amazing Spider-Man #71 - Spider Feet

The Stone Tablet saga adds another chapter as Spider-Man looks for a dumping ground

The Amazing Spider-Man #70 - Warning Shot

The Stone Tablet saga continues!

The Amazing Spider-Man #69 - MY WIFE

Never insult a man's wife.

The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5 - Light Treason

Spider-Man heads to Algeria in search of the truth. Yes.

Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #2 - Mad Bad Dad

Norman Osborn is back and he's out of control! The Green Goblin returns!

The Amazing Spider-Man #67 - Smol Spidey

Spider-Man Smol, Mysterio Big

The Amazing Spider-Man #66 - Mysterio Breaks Out!

Mysterio is back on the scene with a cunning plan

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Join Brad and James once a week as they fumble through the entire Amazing Spider-Man saga from the beginning.

Armed with the entire Spider-Man back catalogue, our intrepid duo will be delving into the history of the Amazing Spider-Man on an issue by issue basis for the very first time.

Starting from the Amazing Spider-Man classics of the Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and John Romita eras, experience this for the first time, along with this pair of novice wall-crawlers.The pair will be bringing their thoughts, and ideally the laughs, to the 50 year + history of the Amazing Spider-Man!

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