Swinging Through Spider-Man: A Spider-Man History Podcast

Join James & Brad as they comb through the entire Amazing Spider-Man saga one issue at a time, for the very first time!

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The Amazing Spider-Man #65 - Breakout

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The Amazing Spider-Man #64 - Take To The Skies!

The Vulture hones in on Spider-Man as our hero fights for his life in the skies above New York City

The Amazing Spider-Man #63 - Vultures, Plural

An old enemy returns as the boys jump back into the main Spider-Man canon

Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #1 - Part Two: False Flag

The 'Adult' edition of Spider-Man comes to a conclusion as Richard Raliegh's plans escalate

Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #1 - Part One: Rock The Vote

An all-new series debuts as Spider-Man hits the campaign trail

The Amazing Spider-Man #61 - Rise Of Winkler!

The brain behind the Brainwasher Scheme is revealed!

The Amazing Spider-Man #60 - It'll Be Ok

After Mary Jane's dancing lands the gang in trouble, Peter Parker doubles down.

The Amazing Spider-Man #59 - Just Dance

Mary Jane's got a new job and it's going to bring a heap of trouble to town!

The Amazing Spider-Man #58 - Return of the Spider Slayer!

J Jonah Jameson is back with another plan to trap Spider-Man

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Join Bradley Hughes and James Rushton once a week as they experience the entire Amazing Spider-Man saga from the beginning.

Armed with the entire Spider-Man back catalogue, our intrepid duo will be delving into the history of the Amazing Spider-Man on an issue by issue basis.

From the Amazing Spider-Man classics of the Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and John Romita eras right through to the BIG TIME! of present day Spidey, experience this for the first time, along with this pair of novice wall-crawlers.The pair will be bringing their thoughts, and ideally the laughs, to the 50 year + history of the Amazing Spider-Man!

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