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S2E03 Cloak and Talent - That's The Show!

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S2E02 Jenny's Magicians of SHIELD - That's The Show!

Magic, Inhumans, and White People Getting In Trouble! With special guest Jennifer Holmquist!

S2E01 Lost Code in Black Space - That's The Show!

It's our Season 2 premiere episode! Medical Dramas and Alien Robots? Sounds like us.

S1E10 Sarah Connor on the Sunset Strip - That's The Show!

All good things come to an end but these came to theirs too soon!

S1E09 Black Winter Lightning Olympics - That's The Show!

Not all heroes wear capes! Some are in the Olympics. Some speak Mandarin.

S1E08 The Runaways Is Out There - That's The Show!

Lots of teens, some government employees, and a small airline all on TV!

S1E05 Kevin Fuller Probably Saves The House - That's The Show

Premieres, Reboots, and a Mission From God!

S1E04 Star Master of Norville - That's The Show!

Lots of new shows... ALLORA! And a couple of space voyaging shows!

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Television-themed podcast hosted by Paul Roth (@paulidin) and Rachel Pierce (@thejuniebird) and produced by Danny Agama (@dannyagama). We talk about shows we love and don't love and whether you should, too!

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