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Will @PDXGaymers

Will runs PDX Gaymers, a MeetUp group based out of Portland for LGBT gamers.

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My name is Josh and this is my podcast about the people in the pacific northwest and their hobbies and interests. I will talk to my friends, but also reach out to anyone willing to sit down and have a conversation about the things they love. I believe that when talking about the correct subject, most anyone can have an entertaining conversation.

Cars, comic books collections, motorcycles, D&D, video games, I will talk to anyone about the thing they are into. Do you crochet pokemon for geocaching? Reach out to me. Do you go hiking and camping? I'm willing to listen to your stories.

I live in Portland and i have small bag with my recording equipment. I will travel to talk to people that have great stories about the things they are passionate about.

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