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Learning About Heritage Grains With The Grain Lady

The Grain Lady is a resource for all things grain - in the field and in the kitchen. Listen in as I interview Mona about what a heritage grain is, what it tastes like, and how to cook breads and pasta with it.

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Redistributing Healthy Food With Boulder Food Rescue

Boulder Food Rescue redistributes food by bicycle to low-income communities

Art Parts Creative Reuse Center

Creative reuse centers are a great resource for every community

The Therapeutic Benefits of Home Economics

An Interview With Violet Hive Art Therapy Collective

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Season One Recap

Highlights from season 1 of The Modern Domestique Podcast

Theresa Baker (Teaching Handcrafts At A Waldorf School)

Talking with a Waldorf teacher about the importance of handwork

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Stacey Keating from The Modern Domestique is presenting Modern Home Economics - aka life skills - in a fun, sustainable, and practical way. Each episode focuses on a different aspect of Modern HomeEc: from community engagement to cleaning to cooking to mending to making and more, each interview brings a different perspective of what Modern Home Economics can mean, with the hopes that it will inspire and empower you to make Modern Home Economics your own in your home and community.

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