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Have you found yourself watching some of your favourite shows wondering how it would play out in real life? Are you troubled by day dreams of what it would be like to be in your favourite movie characters shoes?

Do you experience feelings of jealousy that you will never own fictional gadgets from classic sci fi classics? Maybe you or your friends argue in the middle of a house party about the real life application of elves, hobbits or dwarves?

If you find yourself enjoying a good 4th wall break more than anyone else in your family, then don't wait another minute. Just subscribe to the podcast and be happy you're in good company.

Welcome to The Reel Debaters.

Why are we here, well Micheal Petrow and some of his best friends decided that their over the top arguments they had been having for years must be occurring elsewhere....right?

Based on the idea that movies and tv shows are great even if they're bad AND you cannot "compare art" fairly Micheal Petrow, Martin Navarro, Jimmy Skinner, Mark Cowell and Rob Strachan with a slew of guests argue situational debates about real life applications of tv and movie characters as well as how they would fair in some of Hollywood's most celebrated content since the first reel started spinning.

Tune in every Wednesday night for this as well as industry interviews with film professionals, producers, actors and anyone else who makes make believe happen with 4 people just like you talking just like you making up dumb shit

Welcome to where reel life meets real life.

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