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Hi there! Welcome to Social Snippets!

In this fire-round The Social Impactors Podcast episode, I simply ask the top players, the best of the best, the Elon Musks of their fields of work, their quickest answer to this simple question: "What is your advice for others to begin making a positive social impact in their communities?"

In this episode, I talk with Brian Schulman, one of LinkedIn's Top 100 Voices, one of the first LinkedIn members to begin using video to portray his message, and Founder of Voice Your Vibe.

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Welcome to The Social Impactors Podcast!

This podcast is all about impact. We work to highlight impactful individuals making positive social change in their communities.

From coaches, authors, entrepreneurs, influencers; we tap into the minds of some of the most impactful people around the world to find out how they have built a life of creating impact.

Now listen in, and be ready to go on a journey of enlightenment, motivation, and awe.

Tune in weekly for a new special guest #SocialImpactor!

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