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Episode 21: Better Oblivion Community Center's Better Oblivion Community Center

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Episode 20: Proper. with Erik Garlington

An interview about identity, the scene, and growing up different with Erik Garlington of Proper.

Episode 19: Sincere Engineer with Deanna Belos

A great talk with Deanna Belos of Sincere Engineer about her debut album Rhombithian.

Episode 18: blink-182's Untitled

Everyone starts somewhere.

Episode 17: Spanish Love Songs with Dylan Slocum

An honest talk with Dylan Slocum, lead singer of Spanish Love Songs, about their album schmaltz.

Episode 16: The Depression Issue

Today we talk about depression using the music of Phoebe Bridgers, Elliott Smith, Frightened Rabbits, and more.

Episode 15: The Wonder Years's Suburbia, I've Given You All, and Now I'm Nothing

What exactly is home? We answer that question via The Wonder Years's soaring blend of beat poetry and pop-punk.

Episode 14: Jawbreaker

The iconic grandfathers of emo and saints of the East Bay scene get the full Sound and the Story treatment.

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The Sound and the Story is a podcast about music. I, David Kallison, dive deep to uncover the story behind and inside your favorite records. I take artists at their words.

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