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The Vanilla Cone Podcast is hosted by Garrett and Kobe. Come sit or stand in our sticky truth.

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National Treasure: Episode of Secrets. volumes 1-9

Once again we are uncovering the secrets of the wild world we live in. You might need 3D headphones to uncover everything we go through in this episode. BTW those don't even exist. Twitter: TheVanillaCone.

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No shoes, No socks, NO THANKS. ft. The Vanilla Cone hosts

Shoes from this point on or no service. Shirts are optional. So are socks i guess? YUCK.

Smells like Johnny, tastes like Nicki, feels like Jackie, and looks as good as the Rock.

And still sounds just like the Vanilla Cone. Welcome to the awkward tweens of the Cone.

Birds and the bees and a mecha bear and a fake mute and...

This one is a odyssey. Don't fall off the figurative podcast boat or you will be lost to the hypnotists and country singers.

Mars needs moms...and dads... mostly just consenting adults.

Everything will repeat. Kobe wants to be there for the renaming. Garrett has other plans. In this battle of wills there is no wrong, just who gets to it first.

Ep.8 Irrational but VERY rational fears (ft. Jeffrey, Donald, Mickey and Barrack)

We dive deep into the best ways to cure your fears! Or... run very fast. Or hold still. VERY still. Twitter is up and running @TheVanillaCone follow so we can update you people on episode nonsense.

Ep. 7 Season 1 THE SEQUEL. Yea you heard us...GAME FREAKED

After our brief hiatus we are in season 2 of The Vanilla Cone. You can expect more of everything prepare your brains to be GAME FREAKED.

Ep. 6 No Right, No Wrong, Just Bounce.

We are pioneering a new way to fight. No more fist to cuffs. Just bounce. Oh yea, Kobe juggles a horse and Garrett gets harassed by the elderly.

Ep. 5 Subway: the Dark World

Subway has done us wrong and we will not forgive so easily. Also Kobe might be the most approachable man alive. Also Also we talk about being content over being happy :)

Ep. 4 Goofy and Frosty the Snowman are Cut From the Same Cloth. Change My Mind

We tackle the age old question of why Goofy can speak but not Pluto (Mickey's Dog). Yes it is important, We are aware.Lots of Love Island that last half. OOPS.

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Since the beginning of time (give or take four and a half minutes) two boys have stood out as innovators, philosophers, and all together legends. The Vanilla Cone podcast is hosted by Garrett and Kobe, two long time mates who decided their words were worthy of being broadcasted to every corner of the infinite universe. In the present they find themselves making a podcast. A podcast about many things. Things so extraordinary the thought of putting them in a description is blasphemous. Welcome and enjoy

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