Trading Places

Two men enter, two men leave. Both at different times.

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Trading Places Episode 12- My Little Pony

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Trading Places Episode 6- A Dog's Purpose

We're back again. This time we take on A Dog's Purpose, one dog's journey through several wonderf...

Trading Places Episode 5- Sing

Like the bad pennies we are, Trading Places is back once again.On our return, we took in Sing, ...

Trading Places Episode 4- Collateral Beauty

Happy New Year from Trading Places.This week we take in half of Will Smith's latest Oscar ple...

Trading Places Episode 3- Bad Santa 2

For the first time in our three episode history, we have a guest. Friend of the show and Christma...

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Each "week", Cieran and Jericho, your favourite cinema swingers head on down to their local theatre, one of them starts the film, they swap at half time, the other one sees the end. Then they reconvene and try to work out where it all went wrong.

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