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The Troubled Men for Troubled Times discuss good times and air grievances over cocktails.

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TMP 82 Blake Amos Comes Full Circle

The singer, guitarist, and Fulbright Fellow has had an affinity for Brazilian music and culture since his early days as an anthropology student. He spent years studying in Brazil before returning to New Orleans, then moving to New York to synthesize his personal expression of these influences and pass them on to his students in the public schools. Now he’s back in town and in the Ring Room to talk about cultural identity and his journey over drinks with the Troubled Men.

Topics include a threat, a family gathering, a new climate, early voting at City Hall, a Christmas tree, Feelings Cafe D’Aunoy, organizational alchemy, the Ben Franklin smoking section, sneaking out to see Earth, Wind & Fire, Chic, Parliament/Funkadelic, Flea and George Clinton in L.A., Brazil, Portuguese, pastie, the berimbau, Carnaval vs. Carnival, the Left Ear, Cafe Brazil, performance art, “Am I A Monkey?,” New York before Giuliani, Fort Greene, the Miracle Pushers, Soldaji, public vs. charter schools, a charmed life, busking, Nana Vasconcelos, the theremin, Spider Stacy, Andre Michot and the Lost Bayou Ramblers, an acting job, and much more.

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Intro music: Styler/Coman

Outro music: “Lay Down” from Blake Amos’ album, “The Manifesto”

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René Coman sits down with the original Troubled Man, Manny Chevrolet, over cocktails at the Ring Room, in the heart of an old-school New Orleans social haunt. Manny is an L.A. native who had been through the Hollywood wringer by his late 20s. He then moved to New Orleans to become a perennial candidate for mayor and make a feature film about it. René is a New Orleans native who's been in the music biz wringer since he was a child. They are the Troubled Men for Troubled Times.

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