The Unwanted Epilogue

A podcast no one asked for about movies nobody likes.

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Star Trek Insurrection

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Ep 23: You Sunk My Racist Battleship!

Star Trek Nemesis

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Diary of the Dead

Ep: 20 Don't Bury Dead, Just Shoot in Head

Scream 3

Ep 18: Here I Go, Stabbin' Again

Cruel Intentions 2 & 3

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Deep Blue Sea 2

Ep 16: If We Are to Beat the Sharks, We Must Become Them


Ep 15: The Elf with the Dragon Tattoo

In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale

Episode 14: Ray Liotta's Bread Wedding

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We watch bad movies, then we talk about them. These movies are real, real bad. You probably won't want to watch them. You may not even be able to listen to us talk about them.

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