Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic?

Searching for Answers to one of America's Most Mysterious Murders

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UPDATE: New Interview About Amy Mihaljevic

I sit down with the Chief of the Bay Village Police Department to discuss the latest updates on the Amy Mihaljevic case.

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Round Table Discussion on the Lake Erie Murders

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Episode 10 - Just the Beginning

Searching for Answers in one of Cleveland's Most Infamous Unsolved Murders

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The Mihaljevic family and the community deserve answers to who abducted and killed 10 year-old Amy Mihaljevic on October 27th, 1989. On August 24th, 2018, this podcast will take a deep dive into the details of the case by speaking with the investigators, the reporters and those who haven't given up hope that one day we will find out who killed Amy Mihaljevic. This case has never left me. This is a case that hit close to home, not because I knew Amy but because I knew what kind of life a 10-year-old living in a safe suburb like Bay Village was all about. I was in the same grade as Amy and lived in Rocky River, the city just to the east of Bay Village and 10 miles to the west of Cleveland.

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