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Z2H Session 58 - w/ James Garbutt

James Garbutt is Denny's partner at Garbutt + Dumas, co-owner of Steel and Oak Brewing Co and now an ultra marathon runner. The guys talk about James' stand up career and how it led to hiking, trail running and ultramarathons, the 118 km Azores Trail Run in Portugal, the importance of physical pain and growth, establishing positive habits, getting good at failing and future plans for Jamie. // James Garbutt - Instagram: jamesgarbutt, // Denny Dumas - Instagram: denny.dumas, // Podcast Videos can be found on YouTube

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Z2H Session 57 - Starting a Podcast

Producer Karol and Denny share their personal experiences starting a podcast. The guys talk about how they prepare for an episode, things to consider before launching, hosting, mics, reaching out to potential guests, hardware options, sponsorships and more.

Z2H Session 56 - w/ Dan Quinn

Dan Quinn is a Vancouver based Stand-up comedian and member of the "Snowed in Comedy Tour". Dan and Denny talk about their love of golf, the concept of writing a joke, working on delivery, going viral, work ethic, fame vs non-fame, standing out on social media and the Snowed in Comedy Tour.

Z2H Session 55 - w/ Simon Donner

On today's podcast Denny is joined by special guest Simon Donner, a professor of Climatology at the University of British Columbia. The two talk about human-induced climate change, accuracy of computer models, personal carbon footprints, coral bleaching, carbon engineering, electrical vehicles and what we may expect in the next ten years.

Z2H Session 54 - Inside Scoop with the Garbutt+Dumas Real Estate Team #2

Denny is joined by the G + D real estate team featuring Monica Harmse, Shawn Kambo, Lucas McCann and Adam Senuik to discuss the Vancouver real estate market and what may be coming up in the summer.

Z2H Session 53 - w/ Todd Talbot

On today's podcast Denny is joined by special guest Todd Talbot. Todd is an actor, real estate investor, construction fanatic and is best known as the co-host for the TV show "Love It or List It Vancouver". The guys talk about Todd's upcoming season of "Love It or List It", issues with new housing developments in Vancouver, getting the most out of your home, experiences with social media, struggles with being true to yourself and the importance of being involved with charities.

Z2H Session 52 - w/ JoJo Mason

On today's podcast Denny is joined by country music star and natural storyteller JoJo Mason. JoJo, Canadian born and a local resident, is known for his hits "Future" and "It's all Good". The guys talk about JoJo's history and how he got into country music, artists that inspire him, concerts and shows, music marketing strategies, behind the scenes stuff, and future plans.

Z2H Session 51 - w/ Liam Rines #2

On today's podcast Denny is joined by Liam Rines for round two on the show. Liam is a real estate advisor at Keller Williams Realty with listings all over the Lower Mainland. The two share a glass of whiskey and talk about early realtor days, living through the 2016 market, working with a team vs solo, the B.C. government and foreign buying, the importance of creating positive relationships in the industry and of course Poco the pup.

Z2H Session 50 - w/ Samantha Clarke

On today's podcast Denny is joined by Samantha Clarke, an Australian actress, presenter, Ninja Warrior and founder of "Slice of the Pie". The two talk about Sammy's early life and acting career, her move to Vancouver, first impressions of the city and people, caring too much what others think, being honest with yourself, and the balance between staying present and future goals.

Z2H Session 49 - w/ Mike Belle

On today's podcast Denny is joined by Mike Belle, a professional Canadian golfer and recent qualifier for the Canada-Mackenzie PGA Tour. The guys talk about mental pressures in golf, the importance of consistency, the sacrifices that come with being an amateur golfer, Tiger Woods winning the Masters and some of the upcoming events in Mike's schedule.

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Zero to Here will showcase entrepreneurs, professionals, and people that have stories to share about everyday failures and successes. Mental toughness, perseverance, a desire to continually get better and loving what you do are essential. The goal of the podcast is to assist folks looking for something different in there lives by giving a voice to a wide range of people as they look to better themselves on the journey from Zero to Here.

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