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Z2H Session 50 - w/ Samantha Clarke

On today's podcast Denny is joined by Samantha Clarke, an Australian actress, presenter, Ninja Warrior and founder of "Slice of the Pie". The two talk about Sammy's early life and acting career, her move to Vancouver, first impressions of the city and people, caring too much what others think, being honest with yourself, and the balance between staying present and future goals. // Samantha Clarke - Instagram: samanthashakiraclarke , Website: // Denny Dumas - Instagram: denny.dumas, Facebook: denny.dumas.5 //

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Z2H Session 49 - w/ Mike Belle

On today's podcast Denny is joined by Mike Belle, a professional Canadian golfer and recent qualifier for the Canada-Mackenzie PGA Tour. The guys talk about mental pressures in golf, the importance of consistency, the sacrifices that come with being an amateur golfer, Tiger Woods winning the Masters and some of the upcoming events in Mike's schedule.

Z2H Session 48 - w/ Dr. Elizabeth M. Wolkovich

On today's podcast Denny is joined by Elizabeth Wolkovich, associate professor in forest & conservation sciences at the University of British Columbia. The two talk about potential future effects of global climate change, technologies looking to reverse the affects, the change in wine profiles due to hotter temperatures, how global businesses are looking at climate change, sea level rise and optimism for the future.

Z2H Session 47 - w/ Lucy and Daphne

Today on the podcast Denny is joined by entrepreneurs Lucy Gregory and Daphne Wong, co-founders of Salt Design Co. and Design, Build, Grow. The three talk about the importance of branding in business, the unglamorous side of entrepreneurship, keys to a successful partnership, emotional disconnect with parents, workshops, and future goals for the businesses.

Z2H Session 46 - w/ Davneet Dhillon

Today on the podcast Denny is joined by Davneet Dhillon, a social media marketing manager, and fashion blogger. The two talk about social media tips and trends, proper use of hashtags, dealing with the negatives in social media, Davneet's blog, fashion ongoings, and it all ends with some Harry Potter discussion.

Z2H Session 45 - w/ Wil Yuarata

Today on the podcast Denny is joined by Wil Yuarata, a photographer/videographer for Blrrd Creativ Media Agency. The guys talk about the photographer lifestyle, hanging out with models, coolest photo shoot locations, turning a side hobby into a business, exercise, intermittent fasting and achieving career goals.

Z2H Session 44 - w/ Akeem Pierre

Today on the podcast Denny is joined by longtime friend Akeem Pierre, a Health and Fitness guru with a focus on plant-based diets, spirituality, and motivation. The guys talk about the power of food, different diets, understanding your roots, the power of optimism, benefits of meditation, getting past self-doubt and being the best you that you can be.

Z2H Session 43 - w/ Ashley Belluz

Today on the podcast Denny is joined by Ashley Belluz, a fellow podcaster, yoga instructor and blogger. The two talk about podcasting, Ashley's own podcast "Kilter&Mint", yoga, the upcoming podcast event in Vancouver, feelosophy, living through personal traumas, depression, seeing the positive side of things and personal future aspirations.

Z2H Session 42 - w/ Jordan Scott

Tonight on the podcast Denny is joined by Jordan Scott, an account director at Cologix, Inc. and founder and co-chairman of The Whisky Wisemen Society. The guys talk about the Whisky Wisemen and giving back to the community, best and worst whiskeys, going to school in Hawaii and personal favourite whiskeys all while having a few samples.

Z2H Session 41 - Inside Scoop with the G+D Real Estate Team #1

Denny is joined by the Garbutt + Dumas real estate team featuring Monica Harmse, Shawn Kambo, Lucas McCann and Adam Senuik to discuss the Vancouver real estate market and what may be coming up in the spring.

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Zero to Here will showcase entrepreneurs, professionals, and people that have stories to share about everyday failures and successes. Mental toughness, perseverance, a desire to continually get better and loving what you do are essential. The goal of the podcast is to assist folks looking for something different in there lives by giving a voice to a wide range of people as they look to better themselves on the journey from Zero to Here.

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