Podiant announces easy and affordable podcast backup service

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Podcasting company Podiant is launching its latest product, an easy-to-use podcast backup service that tracks changes to media files and show notes, preserves them against server outages, data loss, and other disruptions, and provides a one-click site builder that packages up an entire podcast’s archive so that it can be hosted via a standard web host.

Backup My Podcast is designed for people who would lose income if their podcast became unavailable, or who want to preserve a long-running show while saving money.

“A podcast could be unavailable for any reason, and it doesn’t have to be anyone’s fault”, said Podiant founder, Mark Steadman. “Podcast hosting providers don’t have many outages and can usually recover pretty quickly when they do happen, but there are tens of thousands of podcasts hosted on WordPress blogs, which can be taken down by malicious code, a database crash, or a plugin failure.”

A future update to the service will allow podcasters to restore their feed directly to another hosting service. However, outages aren’t the whole story. As the podcasting medium continues to grow and mature, Steadman believes more people will want to preserve work they’re proud of, and protect it from data degradation, platform changes, or simply forgetting about an old show.

“I made my first podcast series in 2008”, continues Steadman, “and most of that is gone now, as I never made a backup. I don’t want anyone to hear them, but if I’d had access to this service back then, the files would’ve been kept safe in the cloud, and only accessible to me, as a memento and a record of my progress.”

Backup My Podcast’s Restore feature provides podcasters with a complete archive of their show, including a clean RSS feed, and a fully-browsable static website. These files can be uploaded to any web hosting service with no coding knowledge required, or simply kept on a hard drive.

Backup My Podcast is in public beta, and *podcasters can get started at * backupmypodcast.com . A single audio podcast subscription costs $5 per month or $50 per year, with each additional feed added for $2 per month. The company has plans to release a video backup option, but no timeframe is announced.

All files backed up by the service are private and secure, and cannot be downloaded by the public. Users must also prove they own the feed they’re backing up, via email confirmation. The service is powered by Podiant’s hosting infrastructure, but operates in different data centres from their hosting and CMS product.