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UK-based podcasting platform, Podiant, has launched a brand-new Podcasters’ Hub (https://hub.podiant.co/) including free online courses to help those looking to start on their podcasting journey, from the planning process to the equipment and software needed to get to episode one.

The Hub also includes industry insights and information to help seasoned podcasters up their game, or get more out of their hosting service.

Podiant’s mission is to take the pain out of podcasting and to help those who want to share their voice and content with the world to overcome any challenges or barriers to getting started. Budding podcasters can choose whether to learn the art of podcasting through the step-by-step guides and courses, or simply stay informed with up-to-the-minute industry news, insights and resources.

Podiant also provides access to support documentation to help customers get the most out of their platform, together with virtual technical support, whether it’s a query on making a podcast or how to use the hosting platform.

In creating the Podcasters’ Hub, Podiant has broken down the journey for the user to ensure that the range of information is intuitive to follow, easily digestible and beneficial.

For those interested in starting on their journey into podcasting, Podiant’s “How to make a podcast” course, available at podiant.co/learn , is free and open to anyone, with no login or signup required. The interactive course is divided into three modules:

  • Planning your podcast
  • Getting to episode one
  • Launching your podcast

The first module helps newcomers understand whether podcasting is the right medium for them, how to target an audience, and create a mission statement for their podcast. The second covers software and hardware, as well as techniques to make podcasters sound like a pro. There are also video walkthroughs for editing a podcast episode in popular apps. The last module covers setting up the podcast on Podiant, uploading the first episode, and submitting it to Apple.

Podiant founder, Mark Steadman, says:“ We know that setting up a podcast can be daunting, and with so much information out there we wanted to make the process as easy as possible for creators to get up and running. The Podiant Podcasters’ Hub offers educational material and industry insights all in one place, and is designed to meet both the needs of a new user and the requirements of a seasoned professional, so that podcasters can get the very best out of both functionality and output.”

Mark continues:“Our goal is to be a source of invaluable support for both new and existing podcasters, so our technical support helps podcasters overcome any early or perceived barriers, with the ongoing commitment to help them maximise their use of the hosting platform and ultimately grow their audiences and outreach.”

For further information on Podiant please contact Rewired PR on 0121 236 2132 or email: Mindy Bhachu on mindy@rewiredpr.com

Notes to Editors: About Podiant

Podiant is a UK-based hosting and analytics platform for podcasters to share their knowledge and expertise with a worldwide audience. It was created in 2016 by podcaster and web developer Mark Steadman out of a need for a simple-to-use but powerful tool that would allow podcasts to be uploaded quickly and easily.

Founded in 2016, Podiant focuses on serving, connecting, and empowering creators, by listening to its customers, innovating in the space and demystifying the technology. Podiant gives customers ownership over their content and its powerful theming engine lets hosts pick from a variety of templates, and customise fonts and colour schemes. Those who can code are able to use their knowledge to modify their sites further.

Podiant is a price competitive alternative to larger organisations with high-quality services and features.

Podiant website: https://podiant.co