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Listeners turn to podcasts for authentic discussion, so our job is to help you sound like the best possible version of yourself.

Podiant Studio is a full-service podcast offering, that includes setup, production, artwork design, and hosting, so all you need to do is turn on your mic, hit Record, and upload your audio.

You’ll work with an editor who’ll produce new episodes, write show notes, and take care of all the fiddly technical details, and you’ll receive a monthly update with download metrics, so you know how your show is doing.

How the service works

Once your podcast is setup and you’re ready to record your first episode, you and your editor will share a Dropbox folder where you can place the raw recordings you’ve made. If you’re recording with multiple people, ideally we need each person speaking to be on their own track, which means an individual file for each person speaking.

Once the editor has your audio, we’ll schedule in the production work, and they will be in touch if there are any questions. You should expect your finished episode within three working days.

Podcast setup

This is where your podcast offering is formalised. It’s provided in tandem with production of your first episode, and we offer a couple of pricing options depending on what you need.

You’ll work with Mark, who has over a decade’s worth of technical and creative experience in preparing new podcasts for success.

Our setup service includes

  • Helping you hone your listener story, so you’re clear on who the podcast serves, and how listeners benefit, which in turn helps you figure out your marketing strategy
  • Preparing your podcast RSS feed (the cloud file that apps and directories use to discover new episodes)
  • Working with you on a one-sentence tagline and a longer description
  • Working with you on your host bio
  • Helping you decide the directory categories the podcast falls into
  • Submitting your first episode or trailer to Apple Podcasts (directories require at least one episode be publicly available before podcasts can be listed), Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Deezer, Stitcher, TuneIn, the Podcast Index, and apps like Overcast and Pocket Casts

As a Podiant Studio customer, you’ll also be automatically submitted to new directories and markets as they appear, at no extra charge.

Our full setup service is $328. We also provide a simpler service that takes care of the technical stuff and leaves the creative and planning aspects to you, which is charged at $110.

This service is required in order to work with Podiant Studio, and is a one-off payment. We recommend the full service option, but you’re welcome to take the lower-tier package if you just need us to submit your podcast and prep the feed.

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Episode production

This is the beating heart of the operation. Here you’ll work with an editor who’ll get to know you and your style, craft your initial sound, and help it naturally evolve as the show beds in.

Our episode production service includes

  • Audio mastering (getting the audio clear and sounding great in as many different environments as possible, like earbuds, smart speakers, car stereos, etc)
  • Trimming off the edges that we don’t need, removing any long gaps due to Zoom delay (as with with Skype and other VoIP apps)
  • Adding music and/or a pre-recorded intro/outro
  • Writing show notes that appear on listeners’ devices and on your podcast website, that
    • Run through the discussed topics in chronological order
    • Include guest bios, along with a photo and links
    • Link to relevant articles, YouTube videos, TED talks, books, etc
  • Export audio to a podcast-compatible MP3 file
  • Schedule the episode to be published to your feed, and to your podcast website (see the Hosting section)
  • Send you a preview link so you can check out the edit and make any suggestions

This includes one editing pass, where we implement any notes you have. Our standard turnaround time is 3 working days, however we may need to take a little bit longer depending on feedback on the first edit.

This is provided at $90.00 per episode, up to 60 minutes of finished audio (ie: the duration of the final episode). Thereafter it’s $2.00 per additional minute of finished audio.

Of course if you take a break from your podcast, you won’t pay anything for production.

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Hosting and analytics

Our hosting package includes a dedicated podcast website, with subscription buttons, show notes, host and guest bios, and embedded audio players. Each episode has a canonical web address, just like a blog post, so you have a back-catalogue that you and listeners can refer to. This also makes sharing individual episodes easier, and contributes to your position in search engines.

By default, our website addresses end in ".podiant.co", but we can setup a custom domain name for you, at no extra charge (if you buy the domain name yourself). For example, "mynewpodcast.com", or “podcast.mycompany.com" (in this latter case, we can work with your current website host to set this up).

If you have your own website, the email you receive when each episode is produced will contain info on how you can embed the player in a blog post.

You’ll also receive a monthly update on your podcast’s download numbers, so you can see how your show is growing.

Hosting and analytics is provided at $13.99 per month, which includes priority support. Since we maintain the platform, there are no upgrades or security patches to worry about, as you might with a self-hosted site.

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Additional services

We also provide a number of optional services. You may prefer to take care of these yourself, but we recommend using Podiant Studio as these offerings are tailored specifically to the podcast market.

  • Artwork design ($190)

    Podcast artwork is a specific and often misunderstood factor in podcast setup, even by experienced designers. The images needed are very large in size, however they need to be easily identified at a postage-stamp scale.

    Podcast artwork needs to stand out, and clearly communicate your brand so that listeners can easily find your podcast when you tell the about it.

  • Sonic branding ($164)

    The way you introduce your episode forms part of your podcast’s brand, which in turn is part of your overall brand. The piece of music you choose to welcome the listener — and optionally to signal the episode is drawing to a close — is key, and picking the right piece depends on your tone of voice, your speaking style, your intro script, and the audience the podcast is aimed at.

    We’ll hand-pick some royalty-free library music suggestions from our vast selection, and give you the final decision. We’ll ensure you have the correct license in place to use the music, and that it sounds unique and personal to you, rather than generic and corporate.

    Your editor is an experienced and qualified sound engineer, so they know how to mix music and speech in a way that feels professional, and tailor-made to your show.

Simple, upfront pricing

The Studio plan includes professional-grade podcast hosting, and a monthly email review of your download numbers. Aside from your $13.99 monthly hosting fee, you’ll only pay for episodes we produce for you.

We charge a setup fee from $110 to get your feed ready and submitted to podcast directories.

$90 per episode

for the first 60 minutes of audio + $2.00 per additional minute of finished audio.

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