This is who we are

Our manifesto

This is a set of core values we believe to be true, and we hope that our customers, partners and friends do too.

“Reality has a well known liberal bias.”

— Stephen Colbert

We stand for something.

We are compassionate liberals, and while our social views might not appear in our work, we won’t pass up on an opportunity to defend them. We believe that Black lives matter, that anatomy does not determine gender, and that society only improves when we all contribute to help those who need it.

We also understand that the rate of cultural evolution is accelerating, and that not all of us are at the same point in this journey. Part of being compassionate is being open to those who are still wrestling with their own cultural norms or ingrained biases, and it’s through compassion rather than shame that we can help others grow.

We want to take ownership over our work.

As part of an open ecosystem governed by evolving standards, rather than a closed marketplace where success is determined by an algorithm, we’re in the rare position to take full ownership over our creative output. We want to own the venue for showcasing our work, not rent it.

We know that independent podcasting is worth preserving, and want to ensure our work remains open to our audience, who should be able to access it without a proprietary app or a walled-off subscription service.

We own the work we’ve produced, so we get to decide if and how to make money from it, and who else benefits as a result. We don’t want to sign over our copyright or creative control in exchange for free space.

We improvize, iterate, and improve.

We take pride in our work, and want to work with people who recognize the effort that goes into it. We don’t just hit Record, open a fader and start speaking: we plan, we do the research, and we edit.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our work, to connect with others, or to find new audiences. We know there’s no quick fix, and we don’t think ‘growth’ is something that can be achieved with a single click, but rather with consistency, high quality, hard work, and a bit of luck.

Code of conduct

These aren’t simply empty platitudes. We stand by our principles and are happy to defend them. We welcome challenge and debate, and we recognize that not everyone, including our customers, will always share our values.

Because we open our doors to everyone, Podiant may host content created by those who don’t share our values. There will always be a place for those who are open to and respect other viewpoints, but the place for discriminatory or anti-progressive viewpoints is elsewhere.

Do you feel like someone using our services has violated these principles? Get in touch.

“You cannot create a piece of art merely for money. Doing it as part of commerce so denudes art of wonder that it ceases to be art.”

— Seth Godin

Sometimes a great podcast is just that.

Not every podcast needs to reach 50,000 downloads per month in order to sell mattresses. We know that even some of the most well-regarded podcasts can exist purely for the art and the joy.

Because we know that a podcast exists to tell a story, communicate an idea, or purely just to entertain, we want to focus on making the best piece of work we can. If we can build and mobilize our audience by leveraging the trust and the goodwill we’ve earned, even better. We do not believe in shortcutting that trust by letting someone else inject their words into ours, and we believe that listeners have a right to remain anonymous and not have their habits and tastes tracked without consent.

Information is free, but time and experience have value.

Those of us who trade in knowledge know that ideas spread and multiply, and good ideas can’t be locked away in a silo. We believe that sharing our knowledge and insight is a great way to build trust and foster a community.

Many of us have skills we can share, and ways to apply our expertise to individual situations, and that we determine what we get in exchange for it. We reject the notion that exposure is a currency, and believe that our time and attention is valuable.

We don't just have a podcast. We are podcasters.

Our identity as podcasters isn’t governed by the number or consistency of episodes we’ve produced, or the number of listeners we have, but is in part by our commitment to making the best thing we can with the resources we have to hand.

We may have a single long-running project or a string of experiments. We may not all share the same views on music, pop culture, sport, or even politics, but we all know the joy of someone hearing our work and enjoying it. We appreciate the opportunity we have to use our voices to reach other people, to bring information, entertainment, or company.

A reminder of our terms and recommendations

Creators using Podiant agree that they own the work they’re publishing with us, and they grant us a license to showcase that work. Customers are encouraged to buy their own domain names and secure their own social media handles, so they retain brand ownership. We provide a simple way to connect a domain name to the website that is included with each subscription, and encourage our customers to use this free service.

We recommend customers use the RSS feed provided by Podiant, which is hosted at, but provide feed unlocking and redirection for those that want to move on, with no need to contact support.

We welcome podcasters who want to monetize their content, and we don’t insert ourselves in-between creators and advertizers, leaving our customers free to make their own decisions about if, when, and how to seek out advertizing partners.

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