Your podcast website is ready

With a flexible, customizable, mobile-responsive website already included with every podcast, that’s one less thing you need to worry about when setting up your podcast.

One less thing to worry about

You’re already working hard to make your podcast and meet your deadlines, but you know that it’s important for your podcast to have its own home on the web, to make your work more discoverable and easier to share.

But researching the right content management system, negotiating an affordable hosting plan, and wrangling templates is probably not what you had in mind. With Podiant, that’s all taken care of.

Variations on a theme

Your podcast website starts off with a beautiful, simple, mobile-responsive theme, that is color-matched to your artwork, so you won’t just look like everyone else.

With our Customizer, you can choose from a number of themes to match your brand. And if you’re comfortable with HTML and a little CSS, you can go deeper, making structural changes you can see in realtime.

If adapting your website’s code feels a bit scary, sign up to our Professional plan and we’ll help you make those changes.

Own your own name

When you start out, your podcast website’s address will end in When you’re ready to take charge of your online brand, you can buy your own domain name and connect it to your Podiant podcast.

This feature is provided at no extra cost, and every website (including those with a custom domain) comes with an SSL certificate, which gives your website visitors greater confidence, and can improve your search engine rankings.

Start a blog, capture leads, keep listeners informed

Your Podiant-powered website is more than just a single-page cookie-cutter affair. You can add blog posts and pin them to your homepage — great for drawing attention to important info — add host biographies and create any number of pages to give your listenres more info, or to serve as a press kit.

Post links, pics, and polls

Share a story you didn’t have time to cover on an episode, link to your merch, share a photo of your studio, even canvas listener opinion.

Posting to your Podiant-powered blog is as easy as posting to Tumblr, and getting feedback from your listeners on your latest poll is addictive.

Extensions and widgets

Most Podiant themes come with one or more areas where you can add widgets, to show off important information or link out to third-party services.

Drive signups ot your newsletter with a MailChimp or ConverKit widget. Keep track of visitors with Google Analytics, safely enable comments via Disqus.

Your content across the web

Your Podiant website already scales to meet demand, because it’s backed by a global CDN. But if you need a bit of extra power, or your podcast is part of a larger online identity, we’ve got you covered.

Incredible and embeddable

Your new podcast’s embeddable web player not only looks beautiful on your Podiant-powered website, but you can take it with you. Easily embed a single episode or your entire podcast.

Automation for the people

If you’re running an external website, once you’ve posted a new episode of your podcast, you can use Zapier to automatically post to WordPress or another CMS.

  • Selection of website themes

Setting up a podcast network?

Podiant powers podcast networks from London to Dubai, so your content is in safe hands. All networks created with Podiant come with a flexible, customizable, mobile-responsive website out of the box, and include

  • Network-wide analytics
  • Multi-user management with permission control
  • Professional support
  • Flexible payment options
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