Podiant XP

Monthly experiments designed to help you up your quality,
attract more listeners, and keep podcasting.

Experiment, explore, expand.

Podiant XP is a monthly podcast lab, where livestream guests are challenged to try new ways of growing their podcast reach and overall quality.

Experiments are led by Podiant founder Mark Steadman, and are actionable, measurable and easy to implement. Guests will be encouraged to share their findings with the group, so everyone can benefit.


We start by asking a question about something we can observe, like the number of people who listen on smart speakers or sign up to our mailing list.


Each experiment will have a hypothesis, eg: “If we add an ‘Alexa, play [my podcast]’ callout to the start of our next episode, we’ll up smart speaker listens by 5%.”


Over the course of the month, we’ll all test the hypothesis by making a single change to our upcoming episoeds, record what we did and note down the results.


In an exclusive online community for livestream participants only, we’ll all share the results of our test, and look at what conclusions we can draw.

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Podiant XP events are presented by Podiant founder Mark Steadman, and streamed live via Crowdcast.

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